Price Update for Industrial Solar B30 & MFO Period 15-30 June 2023

Price offer for Industrial Solar on 15-30 June 2023 at a cost of IDR 18,610/liter; Marine Fuel Oil of Rp. 18,200/liter and the price of Biosolar B30 is still the same as yesterday's Rp. 20,800 for regions 1 and 2 (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Madura and Kalimantan) while prices in region 3 are Rp. 20,900 and Rp. 21,050 per liter for regions 4.
update harga solar industri 15-30 Juni 2023
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The following is a list of the latest prices for industrial diesel B30 for the period June 15-30 2023. Special price offer for PT Megah Anugerah Energi’s B30 Diesel Fuel (fuel oil): PT Megah Anugerah Energi: IDR 18,610 / liter.

Price Economic Solar Industrial B30 Pertamina Today

Cost details for each price of diesel oil/HSD (High Speed Diesel) at several supply points in Indonesia.

Types of ProductsBase Price (IDR/KL)Base Price (USD/KL)
High Speed Diesel (Region 1)IDR  20.800USD 1,394
High Speed Diesel (Region 2) IDR  20.800USD 1,394
High Speed Diesel (Region 3) IDR  20.900USD 1,404
High Speed Diesel (Region 4) IDR  21.050USD 1,414

(*The above prices don’t include PPn, PPH, and PBBKB)

Latest Pertamina MFO Industrial Solar Economic Prices

Update details of fuel oil prices / MFO (Marine Fuel Oil) for June 2023.

Types of ProductsBase Price (IDR/KL)Base Price (USD/KL)
Marine Fuel Oil (Region 1)                      IDR 18.200USD 1,218
Marine Fuel Oil (Region 2) IDR 18.200USD 1,218
Marine Fuel Oil (Region 3) IDR 18.200USD 1,218
Marine Fuel Oil (Region 4) IDR 18.200USD 1,218

(*The above prices don’t include PPn, PPH, and PBBKB)

The price of Pertamina’s non-subsidized Biodiesel B30 has increased by 100 rupiah.

The price of Pertamina’s non-subsidized Marine Fuel Oil increased 150 rupiah.

Solar Industri serves the purchase of non-subsidized fuel products, covering the needs of Biodiesel B30, bunker service, and manufacture of diesel tanks of various sizes.

Get special offers and discounts from us by contacting the following WhatsApp contacts: 081234801404 and 087776437491


Region 1  : Provinces of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Madura
Region 2  : Kalimantan Province
Region 3  : Provinces of Sulawesi dan NTB (Nusa Tenggara Barat)
Region 4  : Provinces of Maluku, NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur), dan Papua


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